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Canon Digital Camera Technology
by Tim Kendt

Canon digital camera innovations have always been at the
forefront of photographic innovations and their compact
digital cameras package a variety of functions into a
deceptively small Canon digital camera body. These are
particularly attractive to a wide range of users because of
their light weight, ease of use, high image quality and
high functionality. Canon digital camera experts are highly
experienced in camera manufacturer, leading-edge optical
technology, ultra high-precision mounting technology,
electronic device technology and color management
technology amongst others. All of this experience and
expertise is combined to produce the Canon digital camera
PowerShot series and the PowerShot DIGITAL ELPH/DIGITAL
IXUS series.

Throughout their continuing research, the Canon digital
camera development team has collected a large amount of
photographic data and also made broad statistical analyses
of the frequency involved in taking photographs. This data
led to the creation of the Canon digital camera
Photographic Space which is a graphical database of
information relating to the relationship between
surrounding brightness and distance between a Canon digital
camera and the subject relative to the focal length and
position of the zoom lens when pictures are taken.

The Canon digital camera Photographic Space led to the
development of a new scene-recognition technology called
\\\"iSAPS\\\" (intelligent Scene Analysis based on Photographic
Space) Technology. Canon digital camera iSAPS Technology
analyses the scene to be photographed and makes optimal
adjustments of a number of key functions, including auto-
focus, before the shutter is pressed.
The Canon digital camera iSAPS Technology closely
estimates the camera-to-subject distance based on the lens
focal length, zoom position and surrounding brightness
which guarantees the most accurate exposure and white
balance settings for the overall conditions.

At the high end of the Canon digital camera range are
their single-lens reflex, or SLR, cameras. The Canon
digital camera company has created ultra-high-precision
imaging elements and high-performance digital imaging
engines so that their digital SLR cameras possess the same
ease of operation as their 35mm film counterparts but
produce exceptionally high-quality images.

The Canon digital camera imaging engine, or DIGIC II,
creates image data from signals output from a CMOS, or
complementary metal oxide semiconductor, sensor. The CMOS
sensor is really the brain of any digital camera. Canon
developed the Canon digital camera DIGIC II high-
performance imaging engine directly due to the increasingly
high resolution CMOS sensors. With the help of a high-
capacity DDRS DRAM (double data rate SDRAM) as the buffer
memory, the Canon digital camera DIGIC II processes high-
resolution images at ultra-high speeds.

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