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Old Fashioned High Resolution Photo Camera
by Roberto Sedycias

Tired of trying to keep updated with the highest mega
pixel resolution digital camera? Well even if one has
tried to do that, most certainly he will soon find out
that his few months old digital camera is outdated in
terms of mega pixel resolution. It’s an ever changing kind
of product that has become very hard to keep updated,
unless one is willing to spend more money by making
purchases every six to twelve months.

If the main intention of purchasing a photo camera is
enlarging the image, then mega pixel resolution indeed
will become the main factor. In this case one might
consider a different option, which will keep his product
updated for years to come. I’m talking about a used 4x5\\\"
film photo camera, together with a high resolution flat
bed film scanner. All of this for less than one thousand
US dollars. With all of this, one will get over 100 mega
pixels in fine detailed film resolution and fine scanned
digital images that can be enlarged up to 30x40\\\" in size
with professional quality. These 4x5\\\" film cameras have
done a remarkable job in general personal and commercial
photography such as wedding, portraiture, product,
documentary, advertising and landscape for nearly a
hundred years.

Where to find 4x5\\\" used film cameras? Since some of these
cameras were mostly used in the past, until the 1960’s, it
should be no problem in finding them in American auction
web sites. Anyway, a good used 4x5\\\" camera with lens can
be found for less than four hundred US dollars.

As for the flat bed film scanner, one can find brand new
ones for less than five hundred US dollars. Just make sure
the scanner is able to scan films.

Whenever purchasing a 4x5\\\" film camera, one should look
for the following features: folds into a compact box,
flexible bellows, lenses that can be easily interchanged,
accepts sheet film, ground glass focusing screen, easily
handheld and optical viewfinder accessory.

As for the lenses, there are four main categories: 1 -
general purposes; 2 - wide field (mostly used for close up
work and landscape); 3 – extreme wide angles lenses; 4 –
special effects lenses (telephoto). However, one might use
a general purpose 127 or 152mm lens for most of his
photograph sessions. In cases where it requires special
lenses, such as architecture or macro photography, one
will still find lots of them available in auction sites.
Used lenses for 4x5” cameras made after world word II have
excellent performances comparable to today’s modern lenses.

Whenever making a purchase of a 4x5\\\" camera make sure
that: 1 - the bellows have no light leaks, 2 – the lens
shutter works accurate at all speeds; 4 – the lens
elements have no fungus and scratches of any kind; 4 – the
focus is working properly between the ground glass and the

The option of using a 4x5\\\" film camera, together with a
flat bed film scanner, for enlarging images with
professional quality is viable and accessible. Cheaper
than top digital cameras, the 4x5\\\" film camera offers
better image quality and will always be updated in the
future, maintaining its original value.

For those who wishes the very most detailed image
enlargement, one can always use the 8x10\\\" film camera.
Four times the physical film size of the 4x5\\\", this option
offers so much film resolution that it is considered by
many as the ultimate step for photo image enlargement.

Sometimes analog products deliver better results that its
digital counterparts. If you are doing the job of
enlarging photo images, you should give it a try with a
4x5\\\" camera. You might just surprise yourself.

Roberto Sedycias
IT Consultant

This article is under GNU FDL license and can be
distributed without any previous authorization from the
author. However the author´s name and all the URL´s
(links) mentioned in the article and biography must be

This article can also be accessed in portuguese language
from the News Articles section of page

Roberto Sedycias has a bachelor degree in Business
Administration and over 20 years experience in systems
analysis and computer programming. Currently working as IT
consultant for

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