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The Great Things About Photography
by Fran Black

Are you thinking about taking up the hobby of photography?
Many who have already discovered this exciting and
fulfilling hobby can tell you the top ten reasons why
photography is so great. Maybe you will be captivated by
this compelling and diverse art as well.

1. The Challenge of Getting the Perfect Picture
If at first you don\\\'t succeed, try, try again. Sometimes a
hundred shots have to be taken and you have to try for
several days to get just the picture you want. An
individual must have patience, but at the end of the day a
great sense of accomplishment is felt from capturing the
best part.

2. Tell A Story
From beginning to end of a snowball fight, with people
throwing their first snowball and eventually rolling in the
snow and then dusting off, you can see the event and it
tells the story of friendship, fun and joy of life. Looking
at pictures of an old family farm from its humble
beginnings to the growth and increase over a hundred years
it tells a story of family, hard work and sacrifice.
Everyone has a story, photos can share that story and bring
it to life.

3. Express Individuality
A photographer subject matter will reflect their interests,
likes and preferences. A photo can also reflect the
individuality of a subject. The clothes they choose to wear
and the location they want the pictures shot all show who
they are and their personality.

4. Joy and Laughter Increase
Anyone who looks at their first grade picture can attest to
this fact. What is more fun than looking back at your
younger years or seeing the awkwardness of adolescence? In
your later years of life, seeing a picture of your family
working or playing together warms your heart and lets you
remember good times and better health. A photo lets us
travel over the decades and brings back moments that make
us laugh and carries us through the hard times.

5. See Things Truly As They Are
Somethings are so perfect- the petals of a flower, the
height of a Redwood, the still calm of the lake at dawn.
They draw you in to the grace of nature and life in purity
and simplicity. The sweet smile of a child reflects the
goodness of life and all the hope for what we can become
and achieve. This is what life is and who we are in it.

6. Solitude of the Dark Room
The magical atmosphere of the dark room leads you to
discover the potential of the photograph. Lightness,
darkness, shadows all are in the control of the
photographer. It is a work done alone with your ideas and
skills combined to bring out the story of the photo before

7. Understand the Emotions of Others
As you look over the events of history and witness the
faces of those who endured the depression or see victims of
the Holocaust you can see in their eyes what they have
endured. Their faces portray their hearts and hurts and
although you were not there, you understand what they carry
with them a little more.

8. A Gift to Others of Their Most Precious Moments
After the couple returns from the honeymoon one of the
first priorities is to get the wedding photos. One of the
happiest days of their lives is recorded forever. When
someone does something for you that you can\\\'t do for
yourself you feel indebted and forever grateful. It is a
special gift to give someone their special memories and
most cherished events.

9. Once You Capture a Moment You Can Display it
From the famous to the personal, photographs reveal lives
of people. Some are placed in history books, some on the
walls of a museum and some in the home. When they are
displayed they are able to reach into the lives of others
and stir emotion and thought. Photos are meant to be shared
and seen.

10. The Only Way You Can Freeze Time
A photo is a moment frozen in time for a person to enjoy
and remember whenever they want. The look, the expression,
the emotion only happen for an instant. Although someone
might carry it in their heart, with time the memory fades.
If a photo is taken a child is able to see the happiness of
their parents on their wedding day, a parent can see how
small their child was the day they brought them home for
the first time and all the years after as they grew to
adulthood. All the birthdays, first days of school,
vacations and friends can be captured and with you always.
Time and space do not take a loved one from us when we can
see them and the moments we share together, always.

About the Author:

Francesca Black enjoys photography as a hobby and manages
content at Future Photo and
Photo Wizard

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