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Beware of 0% APR Credit Cards
by Cole Marks

Do you know exactly how many credit cards you currently
have? Are you one of those individuals that obtain as many
credit cards as possible? If so, this may get you into a
serious financial bind. Sure, credit cards are a great way
to cope with an unexpected expense, and can no doubt save
your rear in times of crisis.

However, these tricky little cards can also trick you into
spending carelessly. We all know their usual spiel. Those
clever credit card companies know exactly what you want to
hear. That\\\'s why your mailbox is consistently filled with
offers for 0 APR credit cards. They love to pitch that
don\\\'t they? Let\\\'s face it, we all light up at the number

It immediately tells us that we won\\\'t lose a dime. Not so!
The truth is, while these 0 APR credit cards seem to start
out benign, this very soon will change. Suddenly, the APR
is through the roof, and you\\\'re shelling out tons of cash
for interest rates every month as previously done.

When you checked your mailbox today, did you find any
pitches for 0 APR credit cards? I\\\'m willing to to go ahead
and guess there was at least one. Now, the question is; are
you going to rip it open and read the whole thing, or
simply tear it apart and throw it in the trash?

Please, don\\\'t get me wrong, we all like to have a credit
card or two in our wallets and purses. Those 0 APR credit
cards can come in handy if we get in a bind. The trick is
using it wisely. This basically translates as not using it
unless you really have to. And I do mean have to!

There\\\'s no reason to stick something on your 0 APR credit
cards if you can already pay cash. Why grapple with the
monthly credit card payment? Or maybe you\\\'re one of the
few individuals who pay their credit cards off completely
each and every month. If you are, then many congrats to
you. You\\\'re one of few.

Although many of us, or probably many of us claim that this
is how we will do it, we actually don\\\'t. Believe me, the
credit card companies count on this.

Lastly, you\\\'ll probably want one of the 0 APR credit cards
for some types of emergencies. The trick is staying strong
and not using it for random shopping. If you are in search
of current deals on 0 APR credit cards, then I suggest you
get online.

It\\\'s easy to pull up Google and do a quick search regarding
0 APR credit cards. But, be ready, because loads of them
are about to make their pitch in your direction.

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