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California Reverse Mortgage Increase Cash Flow For Seniors
by Keith Hunt

Senior homeowners in California are more knowledgeable
about reverse mortgages. The use of these programs has
been on the rise since HUD introduced one of the originals.

\\\"Seniors are often in need of extra money for items such as
doctor or hospital bills, home repairs, or even go on a
trip. A California reverse mortgage lets seniors to improve
their situation by converting home equity into cash. These
monies can be used at the homeowners\\\' discretion,\\\" states
George Lincoln, Vice President,

\\\"California reverse mortgages are of interest to
seniors and children that are concerned about their
parents\\\' financial well being in later years.\\\"

\\\"Home equity lines of credit (HELOC) or seconds require
monthly payments. But California reverse mortgages require
repayment only after the borrower no longer uses the home
as a principal residence,\\\" continues Lincoln.

\\\"The guidelines to qualify for a California reverse
mortgage are also different to that of a regular loan. The
homeowner must not be younger than 62 years old, own the
home and also live in it. Also, the remaining mortgage must
be low enough that it can be liquidated at closing with
monies received from the California reverse mortgage.\\\"

\\\"With a traditional second mortgage loan or a California
home equity line of credit (HELOC), there must be
sufficient income versus debt ratio to qualify for the
loan, and monthly mortgage payments are required. The
California reverse mortgage is different in that it pays
the homeowner and is available regardless of current

\\\"The California reverse mortgage amount depends on the
borrower\\\'s age, current interest rates, the type of
reverse mortgage selected and the appraised value of the

\\\"While the borrowers continues to reside in the home and
taxes and insurance are maintained, repayment of the loan
is not required.\\\"

\\\"One important concern for seniors is that a reverse
mortgage in California allows them to convert home equity
to cash while retaining home ownership.\\\"

\\\"If the borrower decides to sell, or it no longer used as
the primary home, the owner or the estate repays the
reverse mortgage loan, plus interest and
other fees, to the lender.\\\"

\\\"Because California reverse mortgages are considered loan
advances and not income, the IRS considers them to be not

\\\"When the loan is repaid, all excess home equity
belongs to the homeowner or heirs. Any other assets are not
touched by a reverse mortgage in California and the debt
will not be passed on to the estate or heirs.\\\"

\\\"Our seniors want to remain debt free and they do not
want to place any financial pressure on their loved ones.
Through a California reverse mortgage seniors have the
ability to increase their cash flow, and perhaps, take that
trip they were determined to at retirement,\\\" concludes

George Lincoln, Vice President can be contacted directly
at 866 398 4664 or by email the company website at for free advice
on any money matters.

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